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Samrat International, a group of company, dealing with shipping of goods and commodities from various countries around the word.


Having a proven record of excellent service, it completes more than 21 years in business track with enlightened clients.



Logistics, being the core activity of Samrat Group of Companies, we are one of the familiar, best solutions provider among the competitors.


Our fast and best solutions to our clients needs up to their extended satisfaction has brought us to be the first choice for logistics and related business activities. With our well established contractors we are still growing more to serve you more better than ever.



All of our other companies also involving and carrying out appropriate activities to achieve our goals.


















May Group of Companies, based on Malaysia dealing with all kind of its parent company’s business activities.


While Samrat International deals with international activities May Group is performing completely domestic based operations as sub contractors to the parent company.




While it is covering all kind of activities related all of the parent company’s including Shipping, Logistics, Trading, and Development, all kind of activities are classified into sub contracts and assigned to appropriate other companies of our group and thus assuring the integrity of the work at all the levels to the best possible.



We welcome you for all of your business needs.




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